Anonymous hosting with high level of privacy

    Privacy on the Internet is gaining popularity. Currently, while the iron curtain is falling on us, most of the people who have seen the light began to think about anonymity in the network. After all, it’s not nice that you are being followed, perhaps it’s not even a big Brother, but intruders.

    Perhaps you can say: “Hey, what about the VPN?”, well, the VPN keeps logs, and in General it is not so difficult to calculate your movements on the VPN. You can build and configure your system, but: 1) this is the time, how much you need to read, understand whether you need it, then implement all the ideas 2) sometimes we do not always need a foil cap, and after a long dreary system setup, it can then work with any services not so stable, and this is not convenient, do not run back to redo everything

    A Dedicated server is a separate physical medium with all resources at the disposal of the tenant. Usually, a dedicated server is used to run services with high resource consumption (for example, a game server) or sites with a large number of visits (a large online store or information resource). For security reasons, for large-scale projects, the database server and the web server are located on different machines — if one of the servers is unavailable or hacked, the other service will not be affected and will continue to work.

    Our task for today is to place the site anonymously on the Internet. There are not many technologies that can help us in this matter. But one of the most technologically advanced solutions that provides anonymous hosting, almost eliminating the possibility of determining where the server with files is actually located, is I2P.

    So, since one of the main purposes of I2P is to create conditions for completely anonymous web hosting, it is reasonable to start our practice from this point. An anonymous VPS bitcoin that is hosted inside is called I2P. Yes, it will not be available to the General public via the Internet, but it can always be accessed by I2P users and, if desired, make a mirror of the resource in the global Network. In theory, it will be extremely difficult to identify your real IP address.

    • Storing all correspondence only on your own mail server in a private DC (No listening Gmail!).
    • Automatic deletion of personal correspondence with you after 30 days.
    • Automatically delete access data to your account immediately after sending it.
    • No logs.
    • Free openVPN for everyone.

    We do not share customer data with third parties (except for requests from Interpol or local police) since we have nothing to fear – we are an offshore company registered far from European and Western abusers.

    A specialized company is a staff of real experts in their field who value each client, offering reliable and diverse anonymous VPS hosting.

    Main reasons to order hosting

    Variety of tariff plans. You can choose any one you are interested in-based on the individual characteristics and needs of the site. In any case, we guarantee affordable prices for You. Moreover, we offer a trial period of any tariff plan for 2 weeks!

    The uniqueness of the integrated solution. Have you started searching for hosting in advance, but haven’t created a website yet? Thanks to the professional company, you can use the site Builder for free. It has the necessary functionality, design, templates – everything for Your site!

    High degree of protection. Thanks to the use of special filtering technology, you can not worry about the safety of your data on the site and, moreover, for its performance.

    Issuing a free SSL certificate. You can order hosting from us and get this “security” certificate for free!