VPS bitcoin payment services for quick registration

    VPS bitcoin payment services for quick registration

    Renting a dedicated server also brings economic benefits. On average, the server lifetime is 2-3 years. After this time, the hardware becomes obsolete: new models of servers are released, more powerful, with more RAM, and more hard drives. At the same time, the “colocation” service costs from 50 to 80% of the server rental service.

    An alternative is to rent a dedicated server, which costs an average of $ 100-150 in bitcoin. The advantage here is that at any time you can give up computing power if you no longer need it, or ask the hosting provider, on the contrary, to increase the power. This approach seems economically reasonable. You jusy one time buy VPS with bitcoin and use it for long time.

    In the end, it turns out that a dedicated server will be the best solution for a client who does not want to share their virtual space with other users who are unfamiliar to them, but is not ready to make a one-time large capital investment (increase CAPEX).

    The optimal amount of memory on the VPS bitcoin must be selected depending on the platform on which it is installed. For example, the desire to put 128Gb on a server with two Intel Xeon 5667 processors will lead to a decrease in server performance. The reason lies in the number of memory channels that the processor supports. You can determine the number of memory channels by looking at the processor specification. For each processor of this model, there are three memory channels. Therefore, the optimal amount of memory should be divided into 6 (3 channels * 2 processors). 128 / 6 = 21.33, which is not an integer and the memory will not work in three-channel mode with this volume. But 96Gb / 6 = 16 and 192Gb / 6 = 32.

    The provider company provides the VPS bitcoin service to individual users-site owners-by creating several servers that are isolated from each other but work simultaneously on the same computer. This allows you to get a high loading speed of your site and its smooth operation without significant financial costs. If you have a logical question about what a VPS or VDS is, our answer sounds the same — it is a dedicated server with administrator rights granted to the user.

    Having appeared on the market more than 30 years ago, dedicated servers bitcoin have only in recent years been able to provide a service that is accessible to the majority, becoming a good alternative to other sources of remote hosting. Today modern technologies are used for their work.

    What is the VDS? A virtual server that is owned by the provider and provided to you on a long-term lease with administrator access. This means that it has:

    • processor;
    • RAM;
    • hard drive;
    • personal IP address (or multiple IP addresses);
    • and other components of a regular server.
    • But be prepared for some limitations:
    • there is no low-level access to hardware;
    • ability to make adjustments to settings for some equipment.

    The reason is that several virtual computers that are isolated from each other and use shared resources for their work are running on the same physical medium — a computer. VPS technology has made it possible to achieve an almost perfect ratio of quality and price of services for customers.