Stable dedicated servers for your projects safety

    When we enter the site address in the browser, we don’t think about where the text, images, and design come from. The page loads because there is a computer running somewhere that stores files with the site’s text, images, videos, and scripts. This computer is called a server.

    The server stores files with the site content and downloads them when users visit the site. The larger and more popular the site, the more resources it will need. For example, Facebook uses more than 50,000 servers.

    Hosting is a paid service. It includes renting space on the server and its capacity. Companies that provide hosting services are called hosting providers or hosting companies. The task of these companies is to make your site available to users around the clock.

    Hosting can be done on your home computer, but then you will have to keep it turned on around the clock and monitor the load and power outages yourself. Hosting can be compared to an art gallery. Art objects are stored in the gallery, and websites are hosted on the hosting service. To view paintings or sculptures, you need to know the gallery’s address and opening hours. And the site is available around the clock. To access it, you only need to know the correct domain. Enter the domain in the browser and the desired page opens.

    Hosting is needed to store files on stable dedicated servers with the site in round-the-clock access, manage these files and change their properties. To do this, hosting providers install special equipment — control panels. You won’t be able to briefly describe all the hosting features, but here are the main ones.

    Virtual server

    This is a type of hosting where a physical server is divided into several independent stable dedicated servers and rented out separately. A single physical server can have several dozen virtual servers.

    A virtual server can be compared to a townhouse or a complex of private houses. In such houses there are neighbors, but each family has a separate entrance and its own front garden.

    A virtual server has no restrictions, like a virtual hosting service. It can be freely customized for your project. You can even install your own software.

    As with virtual reliable dedicated servers, multiple virtual servers are hosted on a single physical server. Each of them is isolated from each other. If one virtual server consumes a lot of resources, this will not affect other users.

    This type of reliable dedicated servers is suitable for an online store, a forum with a large number of visitors, an application, or a corporate site where customers and employees have accounts or personal mail.

    Dedicated server

    This is a type of hosting where you manage the entire server by yourself. In this case, you do not depend on other clients of the hosting provider. Your options will be limited only by the server itself.
    Reliable dedicated servers can be compared to a private home. This house has its own plot and garage. And you don’t need to share the territory with your neighbors.

    The administrator of the stable dedicated servers gets full access to the software and hardware. This means that you will be able to control the operating system and file system, and even buy hardware if necessary.
    This type of hosting is suitable for stable dedicated servers, a social network, a banking site, a large online store, or an application that requires a lot of resources.