Is it Profitable to Rent a VPS Server at ExServers?

    Is it Profitable to Rent a VPS Server at ExServers?

    Each site owner strives to ensure its stable operation. Intermittent server problems or a high influx of visitors mustn’t lead to frequent resource unavailability. Therefore, the hoster’s choice and the hosting type should be treated very responsibly.

    ExServers is a reliable hosting provider with high-performance equipment. The company offers to rent a virtual server for web resource owners who care about their development and want to increase the attendance of the platform.

    VPS server at ExServers Renting Terms

    VPS means «virtual private server». Sometimes this type of hosting is called VDS, which means «virtual dedicated server».

    The bottom line is that particular software is installed on a physical server that emulates the operation of several virtual servers with a predetermined number of cores, RAM and disk space. The site owner gets almost the same rights and benefits as renting a VPS server when using a dedicated physical item. But there is one difference — the service costs much less.

    The ExServers provider offers the rent of VPS servers with the following parameters:

    • number of virtual cores — 1-8 at a processor frequency of 2.4 GHz;
    • the amount of RAM — 1-32 GB;
    • disk space — 10–120 GB;
    • IPv4/IPv6 support.

    There are 8 basic tariffs available for renting. It is easy to find the one that best suits the user’s requirements. The client can purchase virtual cores, gigabytes of RAM and disk space (on SSD or SAS), IPv4 and IPv6, MAC addresses. If none of the tariffs suits the user, he can offer an individual proposal.

    The server is activated in just 15 minutes. The hoster offers the user a Windows or Linux VPS (ready pre-installed images). Centos OS, Ubuntu OS, Debian OS are available when choosing VPS Linux. A pre-installed FreeBSD image is also available. The user can download their picture of the operating system by request.

    Virtual servers on fast Intel P3700 SSD drives are in the greatest demand. But there is also an economical option: buy a VPS on SAS disks.

    Renting a VPS server provides the user with a lot of advantages:

    • stable operation of the site;
    • high hosting performance. The user has all of the server resources provided by the tariff. Other clients do not have access to these resources;
    • the ability to independently manage the server and install any software;
    • 24/7 technical support;
    • data protection (servers are located in a data center equipped by modern standards to ensure the uninterrupted operation of systems);
    • savings. Renting a VPS is much cheaper than a dedicated physical server with the same parameters;
    • if there are few server resources for the site, it is easy to switch to another tariff;
    • there is an affiliate program for web admins.

    Datacenter with installed ExServers physical servers

    Data centers are located in very exotic locations: Brazil, Panama, Turkey, Chile, and Iran. Each server is connected to several independent Internet channels, guaranteeing a stable connection anywhere in the world.

    The data center uses the power from diesel generators in case of an emergency power outage. We also provide a soft transition between the two power systems, so the equipment is not damaged when switching power sources.

    Climatic installations provide optimal conditions for the functioning of computer technology. The data center is equipped with a powder fire extinguishing system.

    Placing a site on a ExServers virtual server allows you to ensure the stable operation of the web resource and reliably protect data.