Why is it better to pay for anonymous VPS hosting with cryptocurrency?

    Why is it better to pay for anonymous VPS hosting with cryptocurrency?

    Anonymous VPS hosting allows you to come up with a name and register under it, that is, you do not need to enter real data and at the same time you remain secretive. Paying through the bank is more troublesome and longer. If you need to be faster and more private, Bitcoin anonymous VPS hosting is the best way. A big plus anonymous VPS hosting Bitcoin is that the payer and the recipient remain secret. Read More »

    Stable dedicated servers for your projects safety

    When we enter the site address in the browser, we don’t think about where the text, images, and design come from. The page loads because there is a computer running somewhere that stores files with the site’s text, images, videos, and scripts. This computer is called a server. Read More »

    Anonymous hosting with high level of privacy

    Privacy on the Internet is gaining popularity. Currently, while the iron curtain is falling on us, most of the people who have seen the light began to think about anonymity in the network. After all, it’s not nice that you are being followed, perhaps it’s not even a big Brother, but intruders. Read More »

    VPS bitcoin payment services for quick registration

    Renting a dedicated server also brings economic benefits. On average, the server lifetime is 2-3 years. After this time, the hardware becomes obsolete: new models of servers are released, more powerful, with more RAM, and more hard drives. At the same time, the “colocation” service costs from 50 to 80% of the server rental service.

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